Windows Virtual PC Fails To Start How to Fix This Issue

Hyper-V is free software application by Microsoft to create Virtual environment consisting of multiple Operating System on single machine. It is mostly used by programmers or large scale organization to check multiple kinds of software and application into one machine. Virtualization has its own benefits allowing users to gain them at affordable investment.

Sometimes, when users start the Hyper-V Virtual machine, Windows Virtual PC fails to start and will display the below cited message:

"An error occurred while attempting to start the selected Virtual machine(s)"

fix virtual pc doesn't work error

Reason for this error: This type of error generally occurs if the permissions set on the Virtual hard disk called .vhd file are incorrect. All Hyper-V VMs has a specific Unique Virtual Machine ID (SID) and if in any case this SID code founds missing from the security permissions on VHD file, it fails to start and will display this kind of error message. See below methods to fix Virtual PC doesn't work error.

Easiest way to resolve windows Virtual PC Fails To Start Error

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How to Fix Virtual PC Doesn't Work Error?

In order to sort out this issue users are required to add the particular virtual machine SID code to the VHD. And to do this follow the under mentioned steps:

Step 1: We have to note the ID of virtual machine that is mentioned in its error.
For example in the error message "Microsoft Emulated IDE Controller (Instance ID {83F8638B-8DCA-4152-9EDA-2CA8B33039B4}): Failed to Power on with Error 'General access denied error' the ID is "83F8638B-8DCA-4152-9EDA-2CA8B33039B4".

Step 2: Now in order to provide SID code to VHD file, Go to command prompt from the Start menu and type commands mentioned below and press Enter.
"Icacls <Path of .vhd or .avhd file> /grant "NT VIRTUAL MACHINE\<Virtual Machine ID from step 1>":( F)"

Step 3: Now start the Virtual machine and check if it starts or not. If the problem still exists and virtual machine fails to start then the problem may be with VHD files corruption and it requires a third party tool to fix this issue.