Fix Error "Virtual Hard Disk Is Not Accessible" Easily

Similar to a normal hard drive, a VHD (Virtual Hard Drive) functions but the only difference us one can access or manage it through virtual machine. There are partitions and file systems as there are in physical disk.

There are times when the smooth functioning of VHD files is deviated and users come across error like: "Virtual Disk 'hard disk 0' is a mapped direct access LUN and its not accessible".

For example: For the error message mentioned above is mismatch of LUN ID mismatch with the LUN signature mismatch.

Similar to this, there are various situations that pop up and ultimately result in data loss. If you want to remove Virtual hard drive inaccessible issues then, it is urgent need to repair Virtual machine disk and recuperate data from it. Then the recommended solution is to opt to solve Virtual disk error.

To make it convenient for users to work around corrupt VHD file data, our intellect development known as Hyper-V file recovery software is rendered for help. Simple to operate, the software enable users to repair Virtual machine drive and restore error free VHD file items without any hassle.

Tool to Recover and Restore Error Free VHD File Proficiently

The following features embedded in the tool helps in making the process getting executed successfully:

  • Recover data from Virtual environment created with Virtual PC and MS Virtual Server or MS Hyper-V
  • If Virtual hard disk is not accessible, the software get Virtual machine items back and restores data from both static & dynamic VHDs
  • Recover all types of partitions of VHD file, be it child, parent or expand partition
  • Software recovers data from FAT and NTFS file system
  • Fix error messages that restricts opening and accessing Virtual hard drive data

Operate Free Trial and Remove Virtual Hard Drive Inaccessible Issues

Install free evaluation edition of this tool and see how it aid to fix errors of Virtual machine. Apply Quick or Advance scanning feature to scan and repair the entire hard drive or single partition. After get complete preview of repaired and retrieved items in a tree like structure. You can only see the preview but unable to save them. If you want to restore error free VHD file on your desired location then, you need to obtain the full fledged version of this software.