Fix Hypervisor Not Running Error before any Negative Impact

To hit with error is really irritating for all especially, when you are in the organizational environment. Suppose you come across Hypervisor not running error then, the resolution is hidden in external tool. To fix Hypervisor not running error problem is not reasonably out of question because many external applications are there to resolve the matter.

Cause for error: The error 12700 Hypervisor not running occurs because of hardware virtualization or DEP was disabled in the BIOS.

Solution: Enable hardware virtualization or DEP in the BIOS. In some of the cases, server required to be quickly shutdown so that new BIOS settings can take effect.

Here DEP is 'Data Execution Prevention'. It is a set of hardware and software technologies which executes additional checks on memory so that help can be provided against any malicious code. DEP helps in marking memory locations in the procedure as non-executable unless and until location explicitly consisted of executable code.

Advantages of DEP

Other Solutions that can also be Applied to Resolve Error Issue

  • If you need hardware and it is enabled in BIOS then it is possible to receive 'could not be started because the hypervisor is not running error' issues.
  • It is not required to mention the set command. You actually find this error instead of setting the value if you have passed across the setting value. By checking the parameter which has been set running the command matter can be resolved.

bcdedit /enum

  • If you reboot your machine, your virtual machines can begin to work.
  • It is better not to experiment with ‘hypervisordebug’ parameter in the BCD
  • Microsoft has made tasks easier by replacing boot.ini with this BCD functionality. The deficiency of easy to have good documentation makes has made it almost impossible to fix anything rather than small tasks “how do I change the background picture” questions.
  • Once Hyper-V gets installed, when you make an attempt to create a new virtual machine, it fails to start and you find below given error message: “The virtual machine fails to start because the hypervisor is not running.”

Solution hidden in Professional Tool

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