Hyper-V recovery software

Hyper-V Recovery Software
version: 2.1

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Hyper-V Recovery Software

Our Microsoft Hyper-V recovery software is efficiently designed tool to recover corrupt hyper v file with ease. For making the software an accomplished Hyper-V VM files recovery this recovery software is engineered with powerful backend that is composed of prominent features, unfailing algorithms and user-friendly interface to recover VHD data.

  • Tool is now Capable to Remove MBR Problems (Master Boot Record) from fixed .vhd file
  • The Software has Potential to Recover both Dynamic as well as Static VHD file with proficiency and also achieve Hyper-V image backup recovery process efficiently
  • Fixing Error Messages for Absolute Hyper-V VM file recovery can be effectively done with this Hyper-V recovery software
  • Quick and Advance scan option are embedded that helps to recover data under extreme corruption issues and also make missing Hyper-V VHD recovery possible
  • Free demo version of Microsoft Hyper-V recovery software can be downloaded for caliber-examination purpose that enables viewing recovered hyper v file items

Prominent Attributes

Technical Overview Hyper V Data Recovery Software

Raw Scan Option

Now, user will able to choose Raw scan option to fix or remove Master Boot Record error from fixed hyper-v file.

Quick and Advance Scan

Apply Quick scan mode to get rid of minor corruption or use Advance scan mode to deal with major corruptions and errors.

Recover Dynamic and Static VHD

Microsoft Hyper-V recovery software successfully recover Dynamic and Fixed/Static VHD file data without requiring Virtual environment.

Preview Recovered Items

After completed accurate recovery task, software displays entire data (images, videos, audios, documents) in explorer view pane.

Save Scanned Report

Software now facilitate to save scanned Hyper-v partition details. When you are going to scan the same partition then software will ask you to load previous details or to rescan.

Save Recovered Items

Tool permits saving entire recoverred files/folders at desired location after accomplished recovery task. Save everything with original meta properties like: name, file type, size etc.

Compatible File Systems

Software successfully to recover Hyper v partition data from FAT- 32 and NTFS version - 4, 5 and 8 file systems.

Note: FAT-16 supported when .vhd file is fixed

Updated Support

  • Windows Operating Systems: 2008 R2, 2008, 7, XP, Vista
  • Virtual Server: Microsoft Virtual Server, Microsoft Hyper-V and Microsoft Virtual PC

Get Free Demo

Install Free Hyper-V Recovery Software

Free version of Hyper-V data recovery software lets user to repair inaccessible files and perform recovery of corrupt Hyper-V VHD file data. You can freely evaluate the software and provides preview of recovered VHD files/folders on computer screen in explorer view.

Grab Full Version At Low Cost

Buy Microsoft Hyper-V recovery tool for experiencing an unrestricted hyper v file recovery process. The full version of this application allows the users to extract recovered VHD items on computer system in their original file formats.

Trial Version


  • Browse Hyper-v VHD File
  • Quick Scan and Advance Scan
  • Display Recovered Data in Preview
  • Supported All Windows OS Including Win 8
  • Advance Search Option
  • Trail Version Unable to Recover Deleted Hyper-v Files/Folders Data
  • Trail Version Not Allow to Save Entire Recovered Data
Full Version


  • Browse inaccessible Hyper-v VHD File
  • Quick Scan and Advance Scan
  • Display Recovered VHD Data Preview
  • Supported All Windows OS Including Win 8
  • Advance Search Option
  • Full Version Recover Deleted Hyper-v Files/Folders Data
  • Full Version Save Entire Recovered Data

Watch Live Now

Online Video of Hyper-V VM File Recovery

Play the demo video of Hyper-V recovery software online & know how to execute Hyper-V image backup recovery task simply with the tool without any help of any third party. It will help you to learn all steps and instantly get data from corrupted and damaged VHD file.

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One of my VHD got corrupt in which I stored all my important data then I found this excellent Hyper-V recovery tool on the Internet. It instantly recovered my valuable documents in a wink.

Andrea VasquezCanada

Hyper-V recovery software helped me out in restoring permanent deleted photos of my Virtual Server VHD. I'm fully satisfied with the application, it recovered my inaccessible as well.

Valerie TorresSingapore

I was not able to access my Hyper-v VHD data then I was recommended this outstanding Hyper-V recovery program which recovered all files, folders, images, and videos from corrupt VHD.

Auden GomezUSA

I suggest every Hyper-V recovery searcher to use this Hyper-V recovery software which retrieves data from corrupt VHD and store them back to users' desired location. The tool did a great job for me!

Hagen SilvaPhilippines

Fix Errors

Trustworthy Tool for Fixing Errors

This Hyper-V image backup recovery application ascertains that hyper-v VHD file data get recovered even after being corrupted to large extent and with proper error fixing techniques, a way to complete missing Hyper-V VHD recovery can be attained by the users.

Consider a Practical Scenario: There are factors that help users to determined corruptness in VHD file. The warning signs of corruption vary from inability to start the VM machine to error messages like:

"Failed to open attachment 'C:\ directory \MyVHD.vhd'. Error: 'The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable."

Basically, when hyper-v VHD file get corrupted, it is required to spot out the exact reason for the damage caused to get back the data (which sometimes cause tiresome situation). For fast and precise restoration of VHD file data, it is better to rely upon Microsoft Hyper-V recovery software.

Prominent Reasons for VHD File Corruption:

Although, there are various reasons that leave the Virtual hard drive data in inaccessible state. But two major causes of VHD damage are:

  • Physical storage drive is faulty
  • Data is being transferred over a faulty network

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