Tackle Hyper-V Error 32768 and Extract VHD to Disk Partition

Sometimes when attempting to set up Hyper-V environment for a device or test labs, after the successful installation while processing to shut down the system the error displays like "Hyper-V Shutdown Fails Error 32768". The upcoming segment is based on causes and solution to tackle this situation, so that you can extract VHD to disk partition of Virtual machine.

Cause of Hyper-V Shutdown Fails Error 32768

  • For proper shut down of Virtual machine a "Shutdown Component" is required. And if we look it from WMI objects point of view, a shut down component is just like a device on the Virtual Machine.
  • The first step is to get the Virtual machine’s GUID code (Unique identifier) and then within all shutdown components search for the one that matches virtual machine you want to shut down.
  • The shutdown process will take two parameters which are Boolean and String. Boolean will point whether to forced shutdown a Virtual machine or not. On the other hand String will explain the reason why Virtual machine was shut down.
  • Once the shutdown message delivers, the shutdown process will begin. If force shutdown is not done in case, the shutdown process will can still be resumed for some reasons.

Meanwhile, our focus is on how to repair Hyper-V Shutdown fails error. Hyper-V creates a VHD file for saving system data; any type of interruptions in Hyper-V installation process may corrupt or damage VHD files and that will become the reason for the inaccessibility of VHD file data, thus the splending data recovery application for VHD comes in need.

With empowering best results in online market, we have Hyper-V recovery Software which renders data recovery from VHD corruption, inaccessibility and file or partition deletion situation. You can also retrieve data from VHD file dismounted condition.

Restore VHD to Virtual Machine via two Recovery Modes

Quick Scan: To retrieve data from VHD file issues, use Quick scanning mode. This mode is helpful for those users who have less corrupted VHD files/partitions. It will quickly scan the VHD file data and extract VHD to hard disk.

Advance Scan: Advance scanning mode helps to recover and restore VHD to Virtual machine including each and every component thoroughly. It works on both types of corruption situations (minor and major) and extract VHD to disk.