Fix Hyper-V Export Error & Make Virtual Platform Error Free

The problem in computer application is not one time incident. It basically happens frequently, which is why our software company takes responsibility in curing and rescuing users from tough situations. Likewise, when the need is to fix Hyper-V export error, then get our VHD file recovery software. This is one solution which repairs data quickly. This organizational purpose commercial tool will provide total support to repair multiple VHD files immediately.

Occurrence of a tough situation

Suppose, you have exported numerous virtual machines off Windows server 2008 host running Hyper-V that time you come across an error message. In the group of many virtual machines, guest is running on that server only. You have somehow exported various VMs, but when you try to export 2 out of them, you find an error message:

Failed to create Export directory

Hyper-V VHD Corruption Corruption in Hyper-V VM VHD file is inevitable, you can figure it out if you are facing several error messages, your VM is refusing to start and you cannot mount the VHD file. There are many reasons, which causes corruption in VHD file but, mostly we have come across the reason i.e. corruption due to failure of physical storage or faults in physical storage.

Work around the issue: On Hyper-V manager, Right-click the Virtual Machine

Select 'Export', Browse the location for exporting VM to make sure that lost of disk space is available to carry out export operation.

Error ("Failed to create Export Directory") still appeared, which required a quick and reliable online software solution to fix Hyper-V Export errors.

The Right Solution for Hyper-V Export Error

In order to have solution for recovering data from Hyper-V files, you need to make an online search, you will find numerous applications, but the apt one is Recovery software for Damaged Hyper-V Data. This tool is systematic and amazing in recovering data from VHD files. This application is simple in recovering all data files. With easy graphical user-interface it is quite convenient to repair damaged VHD files immediately. This application supports working with all Windows OS editions. It provides you healthy data in small time amount and support repairing data after most of the error based situations.